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Homer Alaska

The Area

Imagine an idyllic town encircled by the mighty ocean.  Imagine it nestled beneath the majesty of velvet green mountains and awe-inspiring glaciers.  Imagine it with an endless supply of wonder and magic.  From the tiniest sea creatures that fill the tidal pools to the blow and splash of the mighty whales that glide through Kachemak Bay.  Hear the song of the eagle…feel the sharp tug of a halibut on your pole…see the Midnight sun as it sets over the peaceful waves and stark volcanos…Experience Alaska…Imagine visiting here, in Alaska's premier luxury property.

One of the best parts of this seaside paradise is how accessible it is.  Many Alaska properties are found in the far reaches of the vast wilderness that is Alaska.  No roads and hours away in a tiny plane.  But to get to this magnificent place is just a quick 25 minute commercial flight from Anchorage.  And then a very short, 5 minute, drive to the property.

Homer Alaska is an artist community, and considered to be the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.  But that is just the beginning.  We have incredible farm-to-table and fresh seafood restaurants, as well as private chefs, that create a fabulous culinary experience, comparable to anywhere in the world. 

Ah, and the things to do!  There are so many things to do in this incredible place, that almost anyone can find it a paradise.  For the adventurer, there is kayaking, flight-seeing, bear-viewing (yes up close and personal, and more than a dozen companies provide this experience), hiking, horse-back riding, 4-wheeling, cross-country skiing, ice skating, glaciers, and more.  For the less adrenaline-inclined, there is beach-combing, ocean wildlife tours, museums to explore (including the Kilcher museum), art galleries, private wine tastings, art classes & cooking classes, shopping, spa services, and of course relaxing in the mansion.


And of course you can't forget the fishing.  Oh my goodness!  The fishing!  It is just what you would expect in Alaska, ocean charters, river charters, halibut, salmon, rockfish, dolly varden, not to mention clams and mussels and oysters and crab.  Truly an angler's paradise in all seasons.  And you never know, on the rivers fish bring the bears and on the ocean they bring the whales!  And if you've never seen a bald eagle, prepare to be delighted by not just their sheer numbers (they are everywhere!  but their song!

Almost all of these images were taken by the current owners and their friends. And this town, as well as the mansion, can be enjoyed 365 days a year!


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